Weekly Reader February 1-5, 1960

Articles include new maps for the USA, robots, US Senate’s new subway, and Scientist’s findings about how animals see color.Weekly Reader February 1-5 1960feb1-5-1960-2feb1-5-1960-3feb1-5-1960-4


My Weekly Reader Jan 25-29 1960

In this issue, new telephone lines run on the ocean floor by the British ship, Monarch. Germany invents new ways to carry loads on water. US Army uses large wheels on equipment in the Arctic, and tests Igloo Tents. Instant grass being grown for cows. Rocket making in Huntsville, Alabama is the reason thousands of people are getting hired.

My Weekly Reader January 25-29, 1960jan2529-1960-2jan2529-1960-3jan2529-1960-4