My Weekly Reader Science News Jan 18-22 1960

Scientists are beginning to study the ocean bottoms.

My Weekly Reader Science News Supplement 18-22 1960jan1822-1960-2jan1822-1960-3jan1822-1960-4


Gibson Binary Slide Rule 8″ Diameter Circular Slide Rule

Gibson Binary Slide Rule 8 inches, 21.1cm diameter. Made in USA.

  • Gilson Slide Rule Co., Stuart, Florida
  • Front Scales
  • C,CI,A,K,Log,LL1,LL2,LL3,LL4,Binary, Fraction,Drill,Thread, Millimeter
  • Back Scales
  • Degrees, S, T, Degrees, S, T, Degrees, S, T, Fractions

Weekly Reader January 11-15 1960

VisualRiver's Blog

In this issue Astronaut Alan Shepard, The Delta Queen Riverboat, balloons with telescopes, and African animals in danger are reported on. I loved this one because I saw the Delta Queen often on the Mississippi River.

Weekly Reader January 11-15 1960jan11-15-1960-2jan11-15-1960-3jan11-15-1960-4

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